// Can you think of a better setting than Florence for a surprise proposal photoshoot? //

If you are looking for the perfect location for a surprise proposal photoshoot in Florence, then San Miniato al Monte is the one. A special place where time seems to stand still. A place where we can establish a true connection with the world around us. It is also one of my favourites spots in Florence for engagement sessions. Probably because of its magical aura that is fascinating and mysterious at the same time. The views over the city of Florence are breathtaking and many are the spots where one can frame the most famous landmarks in town into timeless and unique images.

Rocky wanted to go above and beyond to surprise Annie and win her heart for life in the city of Florence. The minute I proposed this location, Rocky immediately liked the idea and since our first contact we worked together to make sure we picked the best time of the day for best lighting. Although sunset it is considered as one of the most romantic times in the day, it does not always offer the best lighting conditions, also given the chosen location. This is why I suggested we did it a bit earlier than sunset and the result is extremely pleasing in terms of warm tones.

As a destination wedding photographer, I end up doing lots of engagement sessions and above all I love photographing surprise proposals as the flow of emotions is so spontaneous and immediate that the photographs look so true and natural. One could never achieve such a perfection if they were staging these photos. Just look at Annie’s face. Her reaction is the best proof one can ever get!

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