// Posh City Shoot in Florence //

A Posh City Shoot in Florence. For obvious reasons, most people tend to choose spring or summer for their special occasions but, believe me, shoot in Florence in the fall season can be very unique. Firstly, because Florence is a bit less busy than in the so called “good season”. Secondly, and this is my own personal opinion, because the warm autumn helps the photographer shape up and contour subjects in a sharper way. Lat, but not least, as the views of Florence are clearer and broader due to less leaves being on the trees. So I do have a sort of candid admiration for those who are so brave to pick fall and winter, despite the cold and generally not pleasant weather, for their special moments like and engagement photoshoot.

With this in mind, I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple early morning on a mid October day on the occasion of their visit to Florence. As a destination wedding, lifestyle and vacation photographer, I get lucky enough to meet people from all over the world but each time is a different one with new insights for me. What I enjoyed a lot about this photoshoot was the casual yet sober atmosphere due to the lovely souls of this young couple. Look at their joyful smiles and their appetite for life!

I guess this is the most rewarding part for me to take back home after a photoshoot like this one. Who knows if our paths will cross again in the future, yet there is something linking us for good. These pictures will speak for a lifetime.


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