// Sweetheart Getaway around the bridges of Florence //

People visiting Florence and its many bridges for the first time, come with clear imagery about the city and its beauty. “Ponte Vecchio” (Old Bridge) is certainly among the most famous locations in town. Based on the period in the year, time in the day and lighting conditions, there are many perspectives on can take. As a photographer this is the most important decision I have to make.

If one desires to leverage the Old Bridge as backdrop, then the best spots to be are the two neighboring bridges. Namely Ponte Santa Trinita towards west and Ponte alle Grazie towards East. These are the most famous perspectives everybody has in mind. I always challenge myself in the attempt to try and come up with something new every time. On this occasion I chose the beautiful glimpses that the Florence Rowing Club offers from the northern bank of the Arno river. The Florence Rowing Club is a private association and only members are allowed in. So it is not a location that anybody can access and it was a special treat to this lovely couple from the US.

The main reason why I love this place is that one can admire the beauty of the Old Bridge. Undisturbed and with a slight angle, which I prefer versus the flat out frontal perspective everybody is used to. Also, in the good season the bank of the river is all covered by a well kept green lawn while the walls below the Uffizi Gallery above at street level are covered with red and white roses. A perfect decor for a romantic photoshoot!

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