// German Elopement around the Old Bridge //

An elopement is always a special occasion for a wedding photographer. Big weddings can be fun and many are the opportunities for taking good photographs. The more the merrier, they say, right? However, with a small party of people. Sometimes just bride, groom, best man and best woman. As a wedding photographer this gives you the possibility to focus mainly on bride & groom. And the surrounding environment as well.

This lovely couple from Germany, had chosen the beautiful “Sala Rossa” (red room) within the “Palazzo Vecchio” (Old Palace). The palazzo used to be the residence of the Medici family back in the renaissance times. Today the palace hosts the offices of the Mayor of Florence. The Sala Rossa owes its name to the beautiful decor made of red velvet that covers the walls of the room. Once inside the effect is overwhelming and very elegant overall. Also the red reflections add that bit of warmth the skin tones that is very pleasant to the eye of the viewer.

Right after the ceremony, I took bride & groom for a nice and relaxed walk around downtown Florence. It was a lovely sunny day in late May and flowers were in bloom all around. we walked by the “Ponte Vecchio” (Old Bridge), as this is one of the most sought-for locations by my clients. Also we ventured through the many narrow alleys of the old middle age district of Florence looking for some quiet spots away from the big crowds. This is where one can find some of the most original Florentine patterns like iron cast street lamps or stone walls. If you close your eyes and open them up again all of a sudden, it feels like living in the old times, back in the times of Giotto and Michelangelo!

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