// Classy Indian Honeymoon in Florence //

A honeymoon this time. Not only weddings and engagements. Florence and Tuscany are undoubtedly among the top destinations when it comes to committing eternal love. Or more simply celebrating an important occasion. Downtown Florence is not huge, hence it gives the opportunity to walk from place to place in matter of minutes. This gives the photographer the opportunity to play with a wide set of backdrops. Some people like the famous landmarks. Such as the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) – yes, lots of “old stuff” is to be found in Florence – and many more. The views from up the hills surrounding the city centre are also beautiful. And so the narrow alleys that are my favorites to try and stay away from the crowds during the peak season.

As a destination wedding photographer, I also have a duty to make sure that the photographs I deliver to my clients are contextualized and convey all the emotions that the beauty of Florence can trigger. This is why not only do I work on close-ups, portraits and details but also I indulge in wide angle shots. This is to portrait the city’s architecture and urban landscapes. If Florence has been chosen as the destination for such an important happening, then it must deserve to be displayed in full. The challenge as a photographer is to make in a why that the magnificence and scale of all this architectural beauty does not overwhelm the subjects of the photographs but helps frame them in a non obtrusive way. When one manages to achieve a good balance between subject and the surrounding environment, then the result is pleasant and the memory of the place is treasured forever.


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