Kyle, who is also an amateur photographer, wrote me from the US inquiring the possibility of organizing an american babymoon wedding in Florence with a custom tour of Florence. He asked for specific places he had in mind from hies previous trip to the city. He had been to Florence before and wanted to show the beauty of the “City of the Flower” to his wife Ary. So I sent Kyle a couple of proposals with different options, also to accommodate his request. The tour didn’t have be too stressing due to the fact that Ary was expecting their baby.

My goal was to come up with a tour that would make Kyle proud of showing Ary around one of his favourite cities in the world. So I also gave some visual reference and indication of what to expect form each single location.

The weather forecast was not promising anything good. So we were prepared to handle rain with a lovely white umbrella. However, as they say, those who dare are eventually rewarded. Quite amazingly the rain did stop the minute we met and started again right after the end. And believe me, it is not necessarily true that no sun means bad photographs.

What I love the most about this session is that although the session took place during the day in a busy time of the year, it looks like the city was empty and at disposal of this beautiful couple from Colorado. This is a result I always strive to achieve to ensure that degree of intimacy and coziness we all want in our own wedding photographs.

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